Real Estate Investments Creating the Communities of the Future

Why partner with the Apartment Company?

“Real Estate investments in the Apartment Company connect value with future needs”

We hold our apartment buildings indefinitely yielding long term cashflow benefits
We have developed strong economies of scale in the San Diego and Reno markets.
We deliver value beyond sticks and bricks
The results are creating the communities of the future, a great place for tenants and a great place for investors

Communities of the Future

Communities of the future starts with listening to the people of today.  We listen to the wants and needs of the residents. We deliver a highly maintained product to the discerning Tenant.  We creatively pool from that pricing benefit to deliver value beyond sticks and bricks.

Our tenants want healthier lifestyles, access to education, and lessening their footprint on our natural resources.  This is what we deliver.


The Apartment Company has been syndicating multi-family investment property since 1992. Before starting the company, the founders and co-chairs each spent 20+ years working in the multi-family and real estate Investment arena.

The Apartment Company has purchased more than 4,000 multi-family units in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Reno and controls over $550 million in assets.

A Perfect Fit

When I invest, there are two things that are most important. One, the investment must have solid track record of reasonable returns. Second, the investment must have a heart. Investing in endeavors that help people, that are socially conscious is paramount. APTCO is a perfect fit.

John Musk


The Apartment Company

Real Estate Investments in the Apartment Communities of the Future