We are a firm who syndicates Apartment Buildings and manages them for long term cashflow. Along with our tenants we value education and health and see the value that is brings to the communities of the future, both from the tenants and from the investors perspective

Historically we provide a low risk investment that has high value appreciation overtime

How to Invest?

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Exchange a check for a fractional interest in one of our communities of the future

Sit back and watch your money create a positive influence on a new community and reap the financial benefits of value outside sticks and bricks

Low Risk

  • Long term cash flow investments
  • These assets are cash flowed to have minimal maintenance on time of any major financial action. These assets provide strong long term capital growth as well as stable cash flow.

Medium Risk

  • Long term Value Add cash flow investment
  • These assets are found to have great potential with the right investment in infrastructure.
  • These assets provide great long term capital growth, strong cash flow, and tax shelter but are more influenced by economic trends.

High Risk

  • Short term Value add and Sell
  • These assets are found to have great potential but do not serve a strong long term purpose, perhaps the nature of the infrastructure does not provide a strong long term asset.
  • These assets provide great capital growth but are subject to time risk and economic trends.